Insurance plans that cover adventure sports / extreme sports - So you can play safer, play smarter.



“Hands down the best medical insurance (in the world) for adventure and extreme sports. Worldwide.”

We specialize in insuring adventure sports enthusiasts and extreme sports practitioners for sports like scuba diving, base jumping, Brazilian jiu jitsu, high-altitude mountain climbing and so much more. Since we’ve already done the research for you, you don’t have to waste your time shopping around for great insurance. Because we have a niche specialty in your area of interest, we know how to get the best coverage for the best possible price. We have multiple carriers, international coverage, great rates and a wide variety of plans to protect you from unfortunate occurrences during adventures sand extreme sporting events.

Here, we cater to the adrenaline junkie inside you that likes to live life without limits. Whether you’re a beginner or expert adventurer who needs insurance, we have the right plan for you. Now you can live fearlessly without hesitation – anywhere, anytime. If you’re thinking about engaging in the thrill of a lifetime, we have you covered in air, sea and on land.

We also have a popular Global Rescue Plan for when you need urgent hospital care while abroad.

Please Note: Most of these plans specifically EXCLUDE competition sports and professional athletes. Any kind of organized sport that includes a wage, reward, trophy, ribbon, professional acknowledgement, etc. is not covered under most of these plans. Also, please read each policy’s specific rules and exclusions.



Most of these plans are also going to cover you to and from the location you practice your sport.


Our most popular adventure and extreme sports travel insurance plan incl. full medical and evacuation coverage


Why we recommend the Trawick Safe Travels including Adv. Sports

  • This plan included the widest variety of adventure and hazardous sports, as well as a great travel health insurance plan
  • We like that this plan pays claims (after deductible) without regard to any other Health Care Plan benefits
  • We like the unique Exposure and Disappearance Benefit, Hijacking and Air or Water Piracy Benefit, Coma Benefit, and Felonious Assault and Violent Crime Benefit as well as AD&D and lost bags.
  • Great plan from 5 days up to 12 months – and you can renew for another year(or less)
  • Your choice – $0 deductible up to $5,000 deductible and up to $1 million dollars of medical coverage
  • Up to maximum medical evacuation and medical transportation coverage, and up to $25,000 political evacuation included
  • Has an option for non-U.S. citizens, who aren’t coming to the U.S., to save by excluding U.S. coverage
  • Which sports are covered under this policy? Click to view


Looking for a global-rescue plan with strong emergency transportation coverage?


Why we strongly recommend Global Rescue for those participating in extreme sports

  • Emergency rescue service from anywhere in the world when you can’t get to a hospital – Transport to the hospital of your choice.
  • Medical consultations in English by world-class physician. Paramedics and healthcare professionals deployable around the world
  • Rescue by medically-equipped helicopters, jets and commercial aircraft within as few as ninety minutes!
  • Global Rescue medical service providers are english-speaking, U.S. based, certified by CAMTS
  • Local physician and dentist locator services, translation services, visa and passport help, and much more. Can add Security/Political Evacuation plan.
  • Global Rescue Services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year

Disclaimer: Many of the insurance plans here, while they may cover extreme or risky sports and activities, have specific language excluding contact sports such as judo, soccer or basketball, organized team sports, professional and semi-professional sports and athletes, as well as competition. Competition can mean being recognized as a winner, placing, ribbons, medals, awards, trophies, publicizing of rankings, wages or rewards for performance. Organized sports are sports offered through a league, team, school, intramural association, or that you sign up for or pay a fee to belong to or participate in. Please read the terms and exclusions in the carrier’s brochure or call if you have questions. Sports not specifically listed on this website may not be covered under the plans offered here. Please fill out our quote form and indicate your sport of preference. If we receive a large amount of requests for a particular sport, we’ll also consider finding a carrier to offer that sports coverage in the future if possible.

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