Insurance plans that cover adventure sports / extreme sports - So you can play safer, play smarter.



“Hands down the best medical insurance (in the world) for adventure and extreme sports. Worldwide.”

We specialize in insuring adventure sports and extreme sports practitioners for sports like scuba diving, parachuting, Brazilian jiujitsu, high-altitude mountain climbing outside your home country (country of residence). Don’t waste your time shopping around for great insurance, because we have a plan that covers your activity or travel adventure, at the best possible price. We offer the best carriers, international coverage, great rates and a wide variety of plans to protect you from unfortunate occurrences during adventure travel or extreme sporting event.

We cater to the adrenaline junkie inside you that lives life without limits. Whether you’re a beginner or expert who needs protection, we have the right plan for you. If you’re thinking about the trip, or thrill, of a lifetime, we can cover you in the air, sea, or on land.

Please Note: These plans are for U.S. residents traveling OUTSIDE the U.S.A., or for international residents anywhere outside their home country, including the United States. They include travel to/from, as well as during participation in the sport of your choice. SOME of these plans specifically EXCLUDE competitive sports and/or professional athletes. Organized sports may include for pay, reward, trophy, ribbon, professional acknowledgement, etc. and may not be covered under any one of these plans. Others may exclude certain sports or sports done above a certain elevation, or using specialized equipment. Call us if you have questions.



Most of these plans are also going to cover you to and from the location you practice your sport.


Our most popular adventure and extreme sports travel insurance plan incl. full medical and evacuation coverage


Why we recommend the Diplomat Sports Travel Plan – Covers most extreme sports

    • Covers most adventure sports/extreme sports, plus a great general travel insurance plan 
    • Covers team sports, school sports, intramural sports – Both competitive and non-competitive
    • Includes soccer and soccer clubs/camps, martial arts, wrestling, and BMX
    • Covers you for travel to-from location, plus while participating – Medical and evacuation along with other travel benefits (Does not cover U.S. residents within the USA)
    • From $50,000-$1,000,000 travel medical coverage. Team sports coverage of $20,000 with optional sports rider
    • Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company rated “A” (excellent) by A.M. Best.


Disclaimer: Many of the insurance plans here, while they may cover extreme or risky sports and activities, may have specific language excluding contact sports such as judo, soccer or basketball, organized team sports, professional and semi-professional sports and athletes, as well as competition. Competition can mean being recognized as a winner, placing, ribbons, medals, awards, trophies, publicizing of rankings, wages or rewards for performance. Organized sports are sports offered through a league, team, school, intramural association, or that you sign up for or pay a fee to belong to or participate in. Please read the terms and exclusions in the carrier’s brochure or call if you have questions. Sports not specifically listed on this website may not be covered under the plans offered here. Please fill out our quote form and indicate your sport of preference. If we receive a large amount of requests for a particular sport, we’ll also consider finding a carrier to offer that sports coverage in the future if possible. At the moment, base jumping and motocross have been excluded from every carrier and plan we carry. We are working on finding another (A-rated) carrier to provide coverage once again to our base-jumping and motocross/MX fans. Stay tuned.

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