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Is Your Adventure Sport Covered On Your Travel Medical Insurance?

Is your adventure sport covered on your travel medical insurance?

If you are unsure, check out our many travel medical insurance options that cover many sports here at

Check out master list of all the sports we cover here at

Good Neighbor Insurance covers a ton of sports that are typical and unique as well as new types of sports. If you are travel outside the U.S. or in the U.S. give our international insurance agents a call here at 408-633-9500 or email us at [email protected].

Here are some of the sports (not all) that we cover. To see all the sports we cover on our travel medical insurance please go to –

• Abseiling
• Aerial photography
• Amateur athletics
• Archery
• Aussie rules football
• Ball hockey
• Ballooning – hot air
• Ballet (athletic sport)
• Bamboo rafting
• Banana boating
• Baseball – amateur competitive
• BMX freestyle
• BMX racing or competitive
• Board sailing
• Boxing
• Bull running
• Diving (high diving or spring board)
• Diving with sharks
• Diving – amateur competitive
• Drag racing
• Free diving
• U.S. football – amateur competitive
• Frisbee
• Zip lining
• Zip trekking
• Zorbing

There are many other sports Good Neighbor Insurance provides coverage for those traveling outside the U.S. or over 100 miles from your home in the U.S. Before signing up, call our licensed international trained agents at 480-813-9100 or email at [email protected].

Many think their travel medical insurance will cover the sport you want to do on your vacation or travels. That is hardly the case. Most travel medical insurance will exclude adventure sports coverage. The best thing to do is get a travel medical insurance that specializes in that specific sport you want covered. You and me think alike, we want the peace of mind knowing that if something medically bad happens when we are engaging in that sport that our travel medical insurance is covered as a medical condition.

What is one of the areas Good Neighbor Insurance specializes in? We specialize in insuring adventure sports and extreme sports practitioners for sports like scuba diving, parachuting, Brazilian jiujitsu, high-altitude mountain climbing outside your home country (country of residence). Don’t waste your time shopping around for great insurance, because we have a plan that covers your activity or travel adventure, at the best possible price. We offer the best carriers, international coverage, great rates and a wide variety of plans to protect you from unfortunate occurrences during adventure travel or extreme sporting event.

We are so glad you are enjoying your sport as you travel. Let’s make sure you are fully covered so that you can have a worry free vacation and travels! Have a safe and amazing trip! works in collaboration with Good Neighbor Insurance. Good Neighbor Insurance has been in business since 1997! Every one of our international trained and licensed insurance agents has a heart to serve you, our guests. It is a joy to know that we can provide you all with peace of mind with one of our many overseas medical insurance options to safe guard from financial calamity as well as providing you the best medical care while on your travels. To connect with Good Neighbor Insurance, please email us at [email protected] or call us here in our Gilbert, Arizona office at 480-813-9100 or toll free at 866-636-9100.


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