Adventure Sports Travel Insurance Plans

Insurance Protection for Adventure Sports and Team Sports


Our Best Travel Insurance Plans For Adventure Sports, Extreme Sports, and Team Sports:

Battleface Adventure Travel Plan

Adventure sports enthusiasts need lean, tailored insurance that goes where they go.

Battleface provides travel insurance and services to adventurers, travelers and extreme athletes headed to unconventional or challenging destinations. From kitesurfing in Socotra to bog snorkeling in Scotland, customizable plans include coverage for gear as well as flexible limits for medical treatment and evacuation.

  • $100,000 of travel medical coverage per person
  • Optional Search & Rescue up to $50,000
  • Optional Sportsman’s Equipment upgrade to $5,000 (up to $1,250 per item)
  • Trip cancellation coverage, and more
  • For travelers up to age 64 

Launched by an experienced team of travel industry and travel insurance experts dedicated to the new face of travel, Battleface specializes in unconventional activities and destinations.

With registered offices in the UK, Belgium and the US, and products supported by A+ rated insurance carriers internationally, Battleface provides specialty travel insurance products and 24/7 emergency travel, medical and security services to adventurers globally.

Battleface was developed by Tangiers Insurance Services, an insurance intermediary and coverholder at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market. For more information please visit: here


Global Underwriters’ Diplomat International Extreme Sport Insurance

  • Covers many adventure sports/extreme sports, plus a great general travel insurance plan (Don’t see your sport? Use our quote form to ask!)
  • Covers you for travel to-from location, plus while participating – Medical and evacuation along with other travel benefits
  • From $50,000-$1,000,000 travel medical coverage.
  • Enhanced Accidental Death and Dismemberment up to $1,000,000

BUPA Short Term Travel Insurance Plan with Adventure Sports Coverage

  • Great Plan for non-US residents traveling internationally to do adventure sports.
  • Travel insurance policy coverage per day up to 12 months and longer
  • Unlimited medical and evacuation coverage – No deductible and No co-insurance
  • Most sports and occupations are covered even when done professionally
    • Motorized racing not covered
  • Additional non-medical option and trip cancellation option if desired
  • 100% coverage for emergency treatment and medical evacuation
  • Direct payment of all hospital bills all over the world

MedJet Emergency Evacuation Plan-Short Term

  • 8 days of travel up to 30 days – No additional for adventure sports! (included)
  • No health questions, deductibles or claim forms are required
  • Air medical transport services only require that you be hospitalized as an inpatient and need hospitalization upon reaching your destination (medevac).
  • No dollar limit.
  • You can have the extra benefits of the Medjet Evacuation plan or buy one of our overseas trip insurance plans that cover international medical insurance.
  • This plan is “evacuation-only” (medical transportation including air and land transport), not medical or travel insurance. (All of our adventure sports travel insurance plans include emergency evacuation as a benefit.) Please make sure your sport is covered in a medical emergency and that you have adequate medical insurance before purchasing a stand-alone medical transportation-only plan.

Trawick Safe Travels Team Sports Insurance Plan

  • Great general travel and team sports insurance plan (Don’t see your sport? Use our quote form to ask!)
  • Coverage for Amateur, Club, Intramural, Interscholastic, and Intercollegiate sports for additional fee. (Hockey, basketball, lacrosse, rugby and other organized sports. Some Division one sports not covered)
  • For those traveling from 5 days up to 12 months – with option to renew for another 12 months (or less)
  • Good for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. not wanting to pay for U.S. coverage
  • Your choice – $0 deductible up to $5,000 deductible
  • Medical evacuation up to $2,000,000
  • Up to $1,000,000 medical coverage

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We specialize in insuring adventure sports and extreme sports practitioners for sports done in the air. Don’t waste your time shopping around for great adventure travel insurance, because we have a plan that covers your activity or travel adventure, at the best possible price. We offer the best carriers, international coverage, great rates and a wide variety of plans to protect you from unfortunate occurrences during your adventure travel or adventure air sports event. 

We cater to the adrenaline junkie inside you that lives life without limits. Whether you’re an adventure air sports beginner or expert who needs protection, we have the right plan for you. If you’re thinking about the trip, or thrill, of a lifetime, we can cover you in the air. When you define air sports fun like we do, you need Adventure Sports Insurance.

The following insurance plans have been selected as being the best, most cost-effective adventure travel insurance protection for Bungee Jumping Hang Gliding, Parasailing, Paragliding, Skydiving, Parachuting, and Ziplining. Our action and adventure plans also cover traveling to and from home so you can remain confident throughout your entire trip. Before partaking in any mid-air action, select an adventure sports or extreme sports option that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a smart way to live dangerously, request a quote today or contact us with any further questions.


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