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Play Safer. Play Smarter.

We cater to the adrenaline junkie inside you that lives life without limits. Whether you’re a beginner or expert who needs protection, we have the right plan for you. If you’re thinking about the thrill of a lifetime we can cover you in the air, sea, or on land.


GU Diplomat Travel with Adventure Sports Rider

  • Medical travel insurance options from $50,000 to $1,000,000
  • Emergency evacuation of $500,000 no matter what you choose for medical coverage
  • Up to $1,000,000 in adventure sports insurance plan rider


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Trawick SafeTrekker Adventure Sports Insurance

  • For 10 to 180 day trips – Under the age of 65
  • Covers almost every type of travel and adventure sport
  • Trip cancellation of $5k up to $10k to cover non-refundable deposits
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Trawick Safe Travels International incl. Sports

  • Offers a high level of medical evacuation and optional ad&d
  • For non-U.S. sports enthusiasts traveling worldwide
  • The most cost-effective option we have for athletic sports

Please note this policy IS NOT valid for travel from, in, or to the United States of America

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Protecting Your Adventure

We specialize in insuring adventure sports and extreme sports practitioners for sports like scuba diving, parachuting, Brazilian jiujitsu, high-altitude mountain climbing outside your home country (country of residence). Don’t waste your time shopping around for great sports travel insurance, because we have a plan that covers your activity or travel adventure, at the best possible price. 


"I highly recommend Good Neighbor Insurance to anyone! The follow-up and attention to detail are fantastic, not to mention the “Peace Of Mind”!"


"Travel insurance is difficult, especially for U.S. citizens living overseas. They looked over all of my needs and made recommendations that worked for my various travel scenarios. A tremendous relief to have all the work done for me. I can relax knowing my family is protected."


"Great experience! Very easy and quick to get coverage that could literally be life saving in the event of a medical emergency while traveling."


Helping you play safer, play smarter. 

Let us find you the plan the fits your adventure whether it starts tomorrow or next year. No matter how you play, we've got you covered. 

Find the Right Plan

Whether you're base jumping in Dubai or parasailing in the Caribbean, we have the right plan for your protection.  We understand the drive to live life at it's wildest, and we're always ready to help you play safer and play smarter. 


DisclaimerMany of the sports travel insurance plans here, while they may cover extreme or risky sports and activities, may have specific language excluding contact sports such as judo, soccer or basketball, organized team sports, professional and semi-professional sports and athletes, as well as competition. Competition can mean being recognized as a winner, placing, ribbons, medals, awards, trophies, publicizing of rankings, wages or rewards for performance. Organized sports are sports offered through a league, team, school, intramural association, or that you sign up for or pay a fee to belong to or participate in. Please read the terms and exclusions in the carrier’s brochure or call if you have questions. Sports not specifically listed on this website may not be covered under the plans offered here. Please fill out our quote form and indicate your sport of preference. If we receive a large amount of requests for a particular sport, we’ll also consider finding a carrier to offer that sports coverage in the future if possible. At the moment, base jumping and motocross have been excluded from every carrier and plan we carry. We are working on finding another (A-rated) carrier to provide coverage once again to our base-jumping and motocross/MX fans. Stay tuned.


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